*All pads contain 100 sheets.*

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Other SupremeCare Products:

  • Dietary Policy & Procedure Manuals
  • Dietary In-Service Manual
  • Seasonal Menus
  • Recipe Manual
  • Dietary Budget Control Manual
  • HACCP Control Manual
  • LGD Diet Manual
  • Nutrition Assessment Form Pad*
  • Dietary Flow Sheet Pad*
  • RD Progress Notepad Pad*
  • CDM Progress Pad*
  • Weekly PPD Cost Sheet Pad*
  • Sanitation Checklist Pad*
  • Freezer Temperature Log Pad*
  • Refrigerator Temperature Log Pad*
  • Dish Machine Temp./Chem. Log Pad*
  • Compartment Sink Temp./Chem. Log Pad*

Clinical System

  • Supplement Usage Manager
  • Weight Tracker
  • Historical assessments for nutrition management, IBW, Usual Body Weight & Body Mass Index Calculator
  • Supplement Master
  • Diet Master

Management System

  • User friendly roster on screen instantly
  • Instantly print any roster with numerous sort options
  • Tray tickets and select menus in any format
  • Color coding strips and diet icons
  • Resident pictures printed on every tray ticket/label
  • Adaptive equipment pictures printed on the tray ticket
  • Picture loading and assigning program
  • Bar coded tray tickets and labels
  • Dining location manager
  • Policies and procedures, in-services and diet handouts
  • Spend down sheets, cost reports, and meal counting

Menu System

  • Seasonal Menus
  • Automated spreading of diets
  • Complete menu item lists included
  • Nutritional analysis of menu items, recipes, and inventory
  • 1700+ Healthcare quantity recipes
  • Productions sheets for your cooks to use
  • Week at a glance, spread sheets, and display menus
  • Inventory & Purchasing control function